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Nexus Censorships


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Hi all,

After 20 years of modding, the main reason this website exists is due to the hunt the Nexus is making over any modder trying to receive support and reward their supporters with extra content. Nexus lately reached the point of reading my Private Messages with some other modders and users, warning me about being forbidden to talk about monetization, charges, Patreons, and suggestions about it. 

I was already forced to remove mentioning of Patreon from all my mods and mentioning my Discord (believe it or not), and now they are surveilling my private messages. There is a limit... I WON'T accept censorship on what I can speak privately with someone, especially since I am not breaking ANY law. There is no LAW (at least here in the USA) that I can't speak privately with someone about modding monetization. 

We are living VERY weird times in the modding community.

So, I  will, from now on, centralize ALL my mods latest versions and works here. Eventually, I might post some of them at Nexus but I want this website to become the focal point of my supporters and community.


Thanks to all my supporters, friends and users. 🙂


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