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    • is it really F4SE causing the problem? I would've thought since its much newer and updated for next gen opposed to this mod, that this would be the mod needing the update 😕 it doesn't change anything in my game at all for whatever reason ;(((
    • Guys, it's something with the new FO4 Script Extender. We need to wait the Script Extender get fully deploy and fixed, not much I can do. Well, if you run the game with you the Script Extender, works perfect. BTW, none of my mods needs it FO4SE
    • Man.. this is a VERY awkward bug... I have no idea what this is happening with your game... it can be some mod incompatibility, are using any mod that changes Settlements or it's objects?
    • For sure man... no reason for it... there are no executables, or inis... weird...  I am sure there is no virus on my files. 🙂
    • Hey Keratos, I'm having an issue with the shelves displaying the back of boxes on one side. Not sure if this is intended behaviour, but I would assume it isn't since they place on the back side first. I made sure to have the latest version installed but it's still an issue. I've even built multiple to see if the first one that I built was bugged somehow but that also changed nothing. Is this something that I need to fix through FOEdit or another way? Any help is appreciated, than
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