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    • Good morning, Can you give me please directions about what mods needed for better working the collections, I mean Ketaros world, ketaros treasures, ketaros framework e.t.c. or must be all together ? thank you in advance
    • Yeah, I'm trying to find a fix.
    • firefox is marking this as a virus, is this a false positive?
    • Anyone else ran into the issue of all cups being plain white, even though they are actually replaced by the ones in this mod? I'd like to know if there's a known fix. All cups have their pattern names loaded, but they're plain white, just like vanilla. No other mod in my load order touches the cups. Also, all the other stuff, like phones & beer bottles look just fine, and since those look great, I feel like I'm missing out with the lack of cup textures. Thanks!
    • Yota, the mod does come with a proper Gameboards Shelves... big one btw! 🙂
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