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Trying to create an AddOn


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Hello, while modding Fallout, i wanted to try by myself to create something too, and i decided to try to add content to find in the game by using your framework, the idea is a promotional-comercial event from Nuka-Cola: collect and trade 100 stickers to complete the official poster


So, i started by editing the poster and 100 cards  stickers, as a replacer it was working fine. then i edited the .esp and all the .bgsm ... and today i finally managed to compile the script without any error message from CK ( ... well, it was kinda a victory 😄)

So , now it should work as others add-on, i didn't found any of the "cards" i added yet but i still have hope 

My question :

what are the numbers in the script, how may i obtain them 


how do you obtain 84385764 from FE03A808 for the first card, 84385785 when the second card ID is FE03A812 ?

The only other mod i found using your framework (by Kiara, on LoversLab [KL] Ketaros Addon: Vault-Tec Pinup Cards (barely)SFW 1.0.1) don't use the same system of numbers than in yours


so 2251 from FE0638CB, 2147 from FE063863 ... i finaly understood that's the decimal "translation" of the 3 last number of the hexadecimal ID ... 8CB = 2251 and 863 = 2147

I used these  numbers too, and it seems to allow me to stick my cards to the poster but i would like to have something as close as possible as the official add-on, but i can't figure by myself from what kind of transformation are coming the numbers used in your scripts, so i came here to ask directly 😄 

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well forget it , it seems these numbers doesn't mater, i just realised that my mods are overwrited by the mod Ketaros Framework - ESL and Fixed and it's using the same numbers anyway


Anyway, something is not working with my mod (and it seems the add-on by kiara have the same problem) :

the cards don't spawn at places where cards can appear, 

it looks like they can only appear in containers, so it's very rare to find one of mine 😕 guess i'll have to check everything again ^^"


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Looks like the ROugeUnicorn00 updated his Ketaros Framework - ESL and Fixed to include this now.

Also have you released this yet I am not seeing where I can download it for testing but might be not be enough caffeine yet this morning and I am missing it.


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Looks like it has been uploaded to Nexus.  Don't want to post the link in case it wasn't you.

Look forward to start finding these as well.  

I like the stickers to make the poster take on it as an alternate to  cards as well.

Don't get me wrong love the Ketaros cards series but also like different takes on it.

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