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Ketaros Missing Magazines 1.7.0

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About This File

Some magazines should be in-game, but for some reason, they are not. I created this project to fix this problem after analyzing several stats and game-balancing ideas while keeping the same vibe and quality of the Commonwealth. I hope you all enjoy. More info on the description.

What does this mod add to the game?
At this first launch, I am adding 10 brand new Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazines that should be in the game, and they are not. You might be asking "Why do you think they should be in the game?" because of the lack of consistency, Bethesda gave some perks to give advantages to certain conditions, enemies, or equipment, and totally forgot other variations, which almost arbitrary. So, for this launch, I am adding those 10:

Where can I find each of them?

AND many more variations of other items to come soon...

What do they do?
As I mentioned, this mod, very similar to all other magazines from the same series does just creating more variations:

Astoundingly Awesome 15 - Take 5% less damage from mirelurks.
Astoundingly Awesome 16 - Take 5% less damage from ghouls.
Astoundingly Awesome 17 - Take 5% less damage from super mutants.
Astoundingly Awesome 18 - Do +5% damage against robots.
Astoundingly Awesome 19 - Do +5% damage against radscorpions.
Astoundingly Awesome 20 - Take 5% less damage from radscorpions.
Astoundingly Awesome 21 - Do +5% damage against dogs and mongrels.
Astoundingly Awesome 22 - Take 5% less damage from dogs nad mongrels.
Astoundingly Awesome 23 - Do +5% damage against insects and bugs.
Astoundingly Awesome 24 - Take 5% less damage from bugs and insects.

Where can we find them?
They are spread around Commonwealth, Nuka World, and Far Harbor, but if you are eager to go straight at them, spoiler below:

PerkMagAwesomeTales15-Gibson Pier
PerkMagAwesomeTales16-Poseidon Resevoir
PerkMagAwesomeTales17-Medford Memorial Hospital
PerkMagAwesomeTales18-Milton General
PerkMagAwesomeTales19-Vault 95
PerkMagAwesomeTales20-Bradberton Overpass
PerkMagAwesomeTales21-Boston Airport
PerkMagAwesomeTales22-Northwood Ridge Quary
PerkMagAwesomeTales23-Greentech Genetics
PerkMagAwesomeTales24-Nuka Town Market


Compatibility and Requirements?
This mod is compatible with EVERYTHING, including with my Treasures and other mods. Enjoy all together. It does require Nuka World and Far Harbor.

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