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    • By Deekin · Posted
      Excellent work. I would get a paid subscription except for the fact that the collection posters do not materialize in the game under the settlement build menu. There are slots under decorations and treasure posters but the are not visible or can be built. I'm not willing to pay for something that doesn't function correctly. Although I am a big fan but no function... no money. I'm sure you will eventually address this problem but I'll wait and see.
    • By BlazeStryker · Posted
      Hey, I have always thought the best of the Ketaros set, and I always will. Even when the Bathysphere has insulted my intelligence to my ducking away for months, this quality material always brings me back...
    • By mannd1068 · Posted
      I love this idea!  So many cards to collect just like it would have been during this time.  LOL.   The only problem I am having is putting the cards on the poster, it keeps telling me I can't put the SciFi Card on the SciFi poster, same with the other three, and the board game shelving unit.  Is there a fix for this?  It's not all the cards, just about 1/2 of them that I have come across and tried to add.
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    • As time goes on I realize just what this mod means to me, and now, now that it's here, promise that your mod that I've waited to share, and dreams of playing Fallout 4. Color my world with coffee cups and labeled tin cans. (Parody of Chicago's "Color my World".)
    • wont let me add them to the stand the old games yes the ones form here no 
    • when you install the files select the down-arrow on the names and this will update it correctly.  Additionally, if you are moo2 you can just copy the id from the page and add it to the meta file to track.   There is also the simplicity of just hitting f2 when installed and renaming the header.
    • My only complaint is the lack of a Ketaros standard naming system of the mods for easier management. (The Nexus versions all had a Ketaros label) This mod is just "[F1]  Magazines_v..."  When combing /sorting 500+ mods, when seeing this I'm like "what is this??" But thanks for all the mods!
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